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4 ways to add olive oil to drinks


Find out 4 ways to add olive oil to drinks. It might sound a little unexpected, but we think you will like it.

Olive oil is a key element of a varied, healthy diet. However, sometimes we can run out of new and exciting ways to add olive oil into our daily meal plan.

Instead of the stock-standard homemade salad dressings or roasting your favourite meat and veggies in olive oil, why not try something new?

Add olive oil to your drinks. Trust us. It might sound a little unexpected, but if you just give it a try, we think you’ll like it.

Here are four drinks you can add a little olive oil to. Enjoy!

Bulletproof coffee

Keto and some Paleo diet followers sing the praises of Bulletproof Coffee. Essentially, this is a high fat caffeine boost, made with coffee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil and other nutritionally-loaded fats. Those that don’t eat dairy products have adapted the recipe to replace butter with a light or mild olive oil, with good results. So if you make Bulletproof Coffee, try swapping your butter or coconut oil out for an equal amount of our favourite natural pantry staple!

Smoothies and juices

Fresh juices and blended smoothies are super healthy already, but adding just one tablespoon of mild olive oil to your smoothie or juice will give your morning fruit serving a low cholesterol kick. This is an especially good way to encourage younger children to have a daily portion of olive oil - as they probably won’t taste it all!


Did you know that olive oil is a secret ingredient in some yummy cocktails? For example, some bartenders add olive oil to a gin and tonic, which gives this classic drink a unique, intense twist. You can even frost your glass with olive oil. Simply add olive oil to the rim of your glass and dab it in salt or sugar (depending on the cocktail recipe).

Hot Chocolate

If you love nothing more than a steaming mug of hot chocolate made with milk, cocoa and sugar, you’ll be surprised to learn that olive oil is a great addition as well!

Warm your milk, cocoa and sugar as usual, and add a teaspoon of mild olive oil to each mug before serving. Treat yourself and top the finished product with some real whipped cream. This is a simple, tasty way to add olive oil to your family’s nighttime treat.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to add olive oil to your diet in a new and unexpected way. If you’re game, why not just throw back a shot of olive oil in the morning? Bottoms up!