Olive Oil Taste


How can you tell if an olive oil is good quality?

It’s true that many of the intricate indicators can only be picked up by expert judges, but there are some important characteristics which will help you distinguish a good olive oil from an average product: aroma and flavour.
Aroma: the first test is all about smell. The signature notes you are sniffing out are the fruity fragrances and the hints of vegetables and herbs. See if you can pick up on scents such as artichoke, tomato, aromatic herbs and almonds. Sometimes there’ll be unpleasant fragrances; fermented flavour or bitter flavour can also be noted in poor quality oils.
Taste:as with aroma, you can expect a pungent fruitiness on the palate. It’s also possible to note bitter and spicy tastes.

What does it mean if the oil tastes bitter, with a spicy flavour, and tingles your throat?

In nearly every olive oil made from high-quality fresh olives pressed immediately after harvesting, you can taste a slightly bitter, spicy flavour. This characteristic comes from the powerful natural antioxidants (polyphenols) found in olive oil. According to modern medicine, these antioxidants play an important role in the fight against the oxidation and ageing of the cells of the human body.