How to Use Olive Oil


Which La Española olive oil is suitable for salads?

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a full-bodied, fruity flavour and is therefore perfect for ‘cold’ use. Consuming cold really brings out the fragrance and flavour of the oil, whilst adding another dimension to your dish. We recommend La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil for use in salads and as the basis of dressings or dips.

Up to what temperature can olive oil be heated?

Our collection of olive oils have a distinct range of characteristics, ensuring that you can find the perfect oil to suit your particular needs. Explore our products to see which oils are right for you.
One of the best for cooking at high temperatures is La Española Pure Olive Oil, which can be heated up to 220° C. You can use La Española Pure olive oil for deep-frying. However, deep-frying with olive oil at a temperature greater than 200°C is best avoided, and a low temperature is also undesirable (110-120°C).

What is a smoke point?

The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil stops shimmering and starts sending out some serious smoke signals. It is important not to exceed the smoke point when cooking using oil or any fats because it may be harmful to our health and can ruin the taste of the food.
The fact that some oils have a higher or lower smoke point does not determine the quality of the oil. Each oil is different and is created via a different production process. We suggest that you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings and seasoning, whilst using and Light in Colour Olive Oil and Pure Olive Oil for cooking.

Can I also use La Española olive oil for frying, roasting or grilling?

Yes, yes, and yes! Research has shown that olive oil in general is more resistant to high temperatures than other oils, but La Española Pure Olive Oil is perfect for roasting and grilling. For frying, wok cooking and baking, we recommend our Light in Colour Olive Oil. As these oils are refined after pressing, they become more suitable for heating and bring a milder taste which will not overpower your meals.