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Big impact fixes for your eco-friendly kitchen!


Get ready for some of our favourite tips for living a more sustainable life!

As an environmentally-conscious company, it fills us with joy to see so many of our followers doing their bit for the planet! We’ve been sharing our eco-friendly tips on Facebook and Instagram for a while now and the response has been great! So much so, you have inspired us to produce a blog post dedicated to ways you can reduce your environmental impact while in the kitchen.

Get ready for some of our favourite tips for living a more sustainable life!

Oven cooking? Ride the heatwave! 

Next time you’re cooking or baking in the oven, consider turning down the heat five minutes earlier than the full cooking time. As long as you don’t open the door, the oven will stay hot enough to finish off your food! You could even turn off the heat completely!

By shaving off a sneaky five minutes each time you cook, you’ll be saving a substantial amount of energy over the course of a year. That means a smaller energy bill for your pocket and a reduced carbon footprint for the earth! Win-win!

Please note: Always make sure your food is cooked properly before eating!

Shopping for goods? Invest in the best! 

Okay, this one is easy to overlook. When shopping for new kitchenware, always invest in the best you can afford. There may be a cheaper option available to you but it will likely cost you (and the environment!) more in the long run. From pots and pans to cutlery or even a new cooker, investing in a best you can afford means securing a higher quality that will stand the test of time.

EXTRA: It also pays to note the energy ratings on kitchen appliances: It’s no good saving £20 on a kettle that’s going to cost you an additional £30 every year in electricity! Buy smart, not cheap!

Shopping for goods? Are you sure you need to?! 

Sometimes the best thing we can do for the planet is to resist the urge to replace our old items with new ones. Sure, the matching set of mugs you saw on Monday would go really well in your home…but do you need them? Your current mugs do the job okay, right? It’s a tough but important question to ask yourself because every time we purchase new items – even sustainably-sourced and ethically-produced items – it’s using up resources.

Besides, think of all the things you could do with that money instead! You could even treat yourself to a bottle of our beautifully flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle!

Time to clean? Learn to go green!

Our next tip is all about finding natural alternative to chemical cleaning products. While your antibacterial sprays and your bottles of bleach may seem like they’re doing you a favour, that may not be the case. Especially if you are trying to live more sustainably and reduce your environmental impact!

Consider using a combination of alternative to chemical-heavy products. A classic combination would be baking soda and vinegar. Make sure it’s white distilled vinegar and not the stinky stuff you put on your chips! White distilled vinegar is great for dealing with bacteria, as well as mould and mildew. Adding in lavender or lemon can help achieve a fresh finish. Experiment with mixes to find the solution that works for you.

Got any kitchen eco-tips of your own?

There are so many other ways you can control your environmental impact– we’d love to hear some of your own top tips for creating an eco-friendly kitchen. Come join the discussion on our Facebook and Instagram!

This truly is just the top-most tip of the top tip iceberg!