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6 ways to add a little luxury to your meals


From simply fine to simply divine! 

Answer: Because everyone (that’s you, your family, your friends, and everyone you know!) deserves a little luxury from time to time. 

Yes, it’s rather unconventional for us to give you an answer before even asking a question. Easiest quiz you’ve ever done, right? But hey, we’re doing things a little differently today. 
It’s time to shake things up! Reshape the mould! Push the boat out and breathe a breath of fresh air! Yes, it’s time for something special...

Why, you might ask? Well, we’ve given you the answer to that question already! 

Adding a little luxury

You might have heard the saying “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. That’s the approach we’re taking today, trying to transform those already delicious dishes into something truly divine with only the slightest tweaks to the ingredients. And more importantly, doing so without breaking the bank. Fortunately, it’s often the simplest of changes that make all the difference between the day-to-day decent and the downright deluxe...

Superstyle Salads 

The first food we want to elevate is the humble salad. Whether your idea of a salad is a subtle side bowl adorning the main meal or an overflowing beast of a leafy feast, don't miss the opportunity to level up the luxury with generous swirls of high quality Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And we mean the don’t-hold-back, one-more-for-luck type of generosity!

Simple, sometimes frugal but nearly always packed with green-y goodness, your salads (and your guests) deserve the best. Really looking to make a splash? Impress your family and friends with one of our newest olive oils, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Get your bottle now, delivered right to your door exclusively by our friends at Ocado

Gorgeous Garlic Mushrooms

Salivating yet? Garlic mushrooms always get our juices flowing! And even though garlic mushrooms are pretty great already, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves as to how we can really roll out the red carpet. 

Firstly, shower your garlic mushrooms with shavings of Manchego cheese. Trust us, this is a must. If you’re looking for luxury then make the Machego happen! Secondly, dress up your dressings with Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White Truffle. La Española have been crafting and perfecting truffle oil for years and our Garlic Mushrooms with Truffle Oil recipe has always been a fan favourite.

Top Tip: Serve up your garlic mushrooms in two phases. The first with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, setting the standard high and proud. Then follow up with the truffle oil...without warning your guests! Layers upon layers of luxury as an unexpected delight.

Swanky Sorbet 

Struggling to imagine ways to make your simple orange sorbet hit new heights? Try this on for size...a beautifully bold blood orange sorbet, tangy and crisp and bursting with citrus zest, finished with the full and fruity flavours of La Española’s Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our new Gourmet oil is the perfect addition here, contrasting and complementing in one complex mouthful! Exclusive to Ocado, our Gourmet 100% Hojiblanca Spanish Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available to try now.

Top Tip: Often the key components of a luxury recipe extend beyond the ingredients; this refreshing Blood Orange Sorbet is best served alongside a glass of bubbly, with friends or family, under the heat of the summer sun. 

Posh Pizza 

Pizzas are too easily dismissed in favour of fancier foods when planning deluxe dinners, but not all pizzas have to be cheap’n’easy and twice as greasy. Consider another of our recipes if you need convincing, this sumptuous Spanish Butternut Squash Pizza

Topped with creamy, caramelised butternut squash, red onion, roasted red pepper and salty manchego cheese, this Spanish pizza is a delicious (and vegetarian!) dish that well and truly qualifies as fancy. Carrying it well into the realms of the luxurious is a finishing flourish of Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White Truffle. Pure class on a plate! 

Showstopper Soups 

If there’s one dish that needs a mention here it’s soup, if only for its versatility and ability to go from simply OK to simply OMG with just a few tasty tweaks. Hot or cold, thick or thin, there’s always room for a splash, a swirl and a sprinkle of a special something to elevate your soup to the next level. 

From chopped chives, cilantro, or parsley, to dustings of spices such as cumin or paprika, there are wonders to be worked for both the presentation and the palate. We like to play with lemon, lime or orange zest too, and shaved or crumbled cheeses, or croutons. And don’t forget a sexy swirl of olive oil to finish the dish. 

Fancy Fries 

Wait, we know what you’re came here for luxury recipes and we’re offering you chips? What’s so luxurious about chips? Okay, when you say it like that….But what if we said they are triple-cooked truffle fries topped with Cornish sea salt and finely chopped chives. Mmmm, now that a mouthwatering morsel worthy of a place at the table! 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing truffle fries yet then we recommend (edit: highly recommend) picking up some Maris Pipers and a bottle of La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White Truffle and giving them a go. Seriously, if Queen Elizabeth chose her top three favourite fries, we’re quite sure these would be up there. 

Now it’s your turn

There is our list, six deliciously luxurious additions to everyday meals. However, six is definitely not exhaustive and we’re sure you have some incredible luxurious recommendations to send back our way. Please head on over to our Facebook or Instagram to join the conversation - your input is always welcome! 

(Now go try those truffle fries!!)