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The 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Foodies!


Who struggles to find the perfect birthday gift for a foodie friend? In this blog post we’ve detailed our five best birthday gift ideas for food fanatics.

We’ve all got a friend who’s obsessed with food. If you’re lucky, you’ve got more than one!

Foodies are fantastic people to be around because they are passionate, the best kind of picky, and always know the best places to eat. They also tend to be the ones tempting us with all manner of homemade goodies!

But hands up, who struggles to find the perfect birthday gift for these fabulous foodies?

It can be quite tricky but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post we’ve detailed our five best birthday gift ideas for food fanatics – and the last one is something very special from us!

1.  Make a ‘Food Map’ – it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year!

One of our favourite things to do for our family and friends is create a handmade food map! If there’s one thing that is sure to get the foodie in your life excited, it’s a long list of places for you both to visit before their next birthday!

A simple list inside a birthday card would do but, if you’re feeling up for it, draw out a map to show all the places of interest. It’s a very nice touch and lets you show off those creative skills at the same time – win, win!

A great starting point is to list all the locations of interest, such as the best places for a doughnut or the top Spanish restaurants in London. Plan it as thoroughly as you like, perhaps pencilling in specific food dates throughout the year. You’ll soon have a healthy helping of food experiences mapped out before you!

2.   Feed their foodie appetite with an alternative cookbook!

Cookbooks make a great gift for those who love spending time in the kitchen. And the good news is that there are so many cookbooks out there – every year we see new releases. So, how do you choose?

Our recommendation is to be different! Pick something quirky that will add a sense of adventure to their time in the kitchen. So instead of repeat recipes from the usual celebrity chefs, consider an alternative avocado-only cookbook, or a manuscript of homemade mocktails, or a book of top tips for sustainably sourcing your sausages!

There are some weird and wonderful cookery books available – go see what you can find!

Do you have a favourite cookbook? Or maybe a quirky, alternative one? We’d love to know about it! Please swing by our Facebook and Instagram and share your love of cooking with likeminded foodies!

3.  Celebrate birthdays by going out – eat, drink and be merry!

This seems like an obvious answer but why not take them out for some good old grub! This could be as simple a meal in their favourite restaurant – or even somewhere new! – but there’s more than a couple of things you can do to spice up a food date too.

Consider signing yourselves up for a food experience. There’s no shortage of cookery classes or distillery tours around the UK. And who doesn’t love a chocolate making workshop?!

If you’re looking for something which is a little less hands-on but still makes a perfect present for any food fan, then consider booking a tasting course. Many restaurants offer tasting menus that are lighter on the portions but big on flavour. Six courses of perfectly paired food and drinks? Yes, please!

4.  Don’t let a lack of inspiration hamper your search for the perfect gift!

‘Hamper’ – get it? Okay, yes, the pun is bad but food hampers are a great idea for a gift! What foodie wouldn’t love a basket of beautifully presented snacks and nibbles, or new and exciting ingredients with which to explore? From fancy herbs and spices to miniature bottles of exotic liqueurs, there’s so much to choose from.

Why not include Spanish olive oil? La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White Truffle would be a perfect gift!

You could take the easy option and pick up a pre-packaged hamper if you’re running low on time, but we think a personalised present is always better. We recommend coming up with a theme and using decorative paper and ribbons to make it look extra pretty.

Speaking of personalising your gifts, we know something that would be a fantastic addition to any ‘Happy Birthday’ hamper…

5.  Gift a personalised bottle with La Española DIY

A few months ago, La Española introduced a brand-new olive oil creation tool called La Española DIY. The online platform lets you completely personalise a bottle of our beautiful extra virgin olive oil, building something that is totally unique to you.

As well as being perfect for your own kitchen or branding bottles for your business, La Española DIY is the ideal birthday gifts for your foodie friends!

How does it work? By following the four simple steps on our website, you’ll be guided through the creation of a beautiful, bespoke bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Come visit the La Española DIY website to build something beautiful today – and what it take pride of place in your foodie friend or family member’s kitchen!

Now, we want to know…

What’s the best food gift you’ve received? Or the worst?!

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