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5 ways meal prep can change your life!


Preparing your meals for the week ahead can completely change your life…for the better!

It’s true. In a world where we are regularly reminded that there are “No shortcuts to success” it seems amazing that the simple practice of meal preparation can have such a positive impact on our lives. From wealth to health to happiness, we promise that you’ll find something worth prepping for! 

Now, let’s take a look at our Top 5 benefits to fuel your meal prep motivation… 

1) Meal prep saves you money 

Simply by preparing your meals in advance you could be saving yourself a LOT of money. Think about it – most of the food we buy is cheaper when you buy in bulk. 

Meal prep also helps you to only buy the amount you need, and throw less away because you’ll use it before it goes off. Then consider all that money you’ll save on takeaways by having a meal at the ready when you’re too tired to cook! 

BONUS: Reduce your energy bills by doubling-up your cooking and prepare multiple meals at once. 

2) Meal prep saves you time

We know there’s no greater commodity than your time. We also know that proper meal prep can help you find extra time to do the things you love doing. It turns your turnip chopping and day-to-day shopping into time-efficient weekly tasks.

What’s more, there’ll be no more indecisive moments wasted on wondering what to eat – you’ll have put in the hard work already and be set to reap the rewards of an awesome meal. Enjoy!

3) Meal prep helps you reduce your environmental impact

Preparing your food in advance can benefit more than just your bank balance. You’ll be producing less waste and reducing your energy usage at the same time

From fewer trips to the supermarket to less packaging per portion when you buy your ingredients in bulk, meal preparation is an easy win for those looking to decrease their environmental impact and live sustainable lives. 

4) Meal prep helps you control your diet

Speaking of portions, what better way to manage your diet than through meal preparation? Planning in advance gives you total control over the types of food you eat, and the amount you prepare.  

Meal prep can also reduce the chances of cheating when you’re tired and hungry. Don’t grab a quick fix and regret it later, prepare your meals at the beginning of the week so that you can remain strong! 

5) Meal prep makes you fall in love with cooking  

This is definitely the most important (at least for La Española’s lifelong foodies!). Meal prep is more than just saving money and time. Meal prep is taking the time to be more mindful about what you eat. In doing so, you’ll find the time to play with all new recipes and discover all new ingredients. Fall in love with the art of cooking through the science of meal prep!

Are you already a meal prep master? 

If you are already someone who prepares meals in advance then this was simply a list of reasons why you’re winning at life – so congratulations! Now head over to Facebook or Instagram to share your success stories and perhaps pick up some top tips from La Española’s foodie gurus