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A Taste of Spain: Recipes by Region


Travelling to Spain? Save this guide with several recipes per region of the country!

First, allow us to start with an apology…

It would be impossible to properly pay tribute to all the fantastic food in Spain in a single blog post - there are too many superb chefs and enthusiastic foodies cooking amazing meals around the country, in a range of regional styles! And words are not enough to fully capture the breadth and depth of flavours available, or the spectrum of colours and aromas both visitors and locals alike have fallen in love with over the years. 

Instead, our aim today is to take you on a tasty tour of our top tapas and DIY dinners, taken from amidst the vast number of signature serves and rockstar recipes, that represent just a handful of Spanish regions. Call it a brief introduction into the world of Spanish cuisine, or a masterclass on making mouthwatering Mediterranean meals! 

Are you ready to experience an authentic taste of Spain? Then let’s go! 


Being landlocked without a coastline doesn’t stop the very best seafood from making its way to the streets of Spain’s central capital. In fact, Madrid benefits from regular shipments of freshest food from almost every coast. Here are two of our absolute favourites to serve up for family and friends.

Fried Calamari with Romesco sauce

The ultimate appetiser and a perfect tapas to accompany your Spanish-themed cuisine, this recipe for fried calamari with romesco sauce will keep your table guests wanting more. 
Top tip…eat like a local by putting them into a sandwich! 
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Crab croquetas

Our crab croquetas have been described as an explosion of flavour…how could you say no to that! They’re super simple to prepare and are guaranteed to keep your table guests wanting more! 
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(Not a fan of crab dishes? No worries! Try this croquetas recipe instead!)


Valencian cuisine is known around the world for its mouthwatering mixture of vegetables, rich, meat and seafood, proudly presented in that sweet spot between handsome, wholesome and something that shouldn’t be missed! 

Arròs negre

The famous Paella Valenciana is a must in Spanish gastronomy, and you’ve probably seen our vegan Paella recipe online, but did you know that there are many variants of this classic dish? One of our favourites is arròs negre, sometimes called paella negra, a Valencian dish traditionally prepared with cuttlefish or squid and black rice, somewhat similar to seafood paella. It makes a striking addition to any dinner party! 
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Griddled lemon and rosemary chicken with butterbean salad

Had your fill of rice and shellfish? For something a little different, try our griddled lemon and rosemary chicken with butterbean salad. Healthy, light, and made with crisp citrus fruits for which the region is famous! 
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This remote area of mountains, forests and lakes sits along Spain’s border with Portugal in the West. It may well be Spain’s best kept secret when it comes to food, but the extraordinary Extremaduran dishes are not to be ignored. One thing the region does exceptionally well is large single-pot dishes, designed to be shared among family, friends, visitors and the community - a testament to the generous spirit of the local people.

Cavolo nero with garlic, chilli and Serrano ham

Our choice of Extramaduran dish is this impossibly rich and tantalisingly tender cavolo nero packed full of flavour, and served up with salty ham, sweet garlic and a hint of chili spice. Be sure to finish with a flourish of fruity La Española Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it’ll be your new favourite dish in no time! 

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Did you know that the oldest known cookbook of Andalusian cuisine dates from the 14th century? The whole area is rich with gastronomical heritage, which is why recipes from the region can be seen to reflect or build upon other cultures. One thing that's definitely homegrown are the olives - the very same you’ll find in La Española olive oils! Vast areas of Andalusia are covered with the olive groves responsible for the exceptional oils essential to Spanish cooking. 

Houmous bowl with chorizo and crispy kale

Tired of the traditional houmous? Live like a local and introduce an authentic taste of Spain to your favourite dip with our houmous bowl with chorizo and crispy kale recipe! This showstopping party piece is the undisputed champion of dinner parties, pulling together the very best of inspired cultural cuisine to tickle your taste buds in all the right ways! 

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Olive oil and orange ice cream

Those olives we mentioned earlier? Here’s a great way to introduce them to your menu in ways you might not have explored before - Olive Oil and Orange Ice Cream. While olives and ice cream may sound unusual, but the fruitiness of our La Española Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil lends itself perfectly to delicious desserts! It’s also the secret to the silky smooth texture of this zesty orange ice cream – we promise you’ll savour every spoonful!

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Feeling Inspired? 

As we said in the beginning, to list every delectable dish from Spain would be a neverending endeavour - there’s too much goodness on offer! Hopefully, this whistlestop taste tour has helped you discover something new and inspired you to dig a little deeper into what Spain’s various regions can offer. 

Did we miss your favourite? Come tell us all about it on our social media. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram

Travelling to Spain? Save this guide with several recipes per region of the country!