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Beat back your Blue Monday blues!


What can you do to best combat the doom and gloom on this bluest of Mondays?

It’s that time of year again...the dreaded Blue Monday is back

No, no, not the New Order song. We mean Blue Monday the day! Have you heard of it?

Blue Monday is the unofficial title given to the ‘most depressing day of the year’. It usually falls on the third Monday in January. The formula used to calculate this is based on a variety of factors, from wintry weather and back-to-work restlessness, to the average amount of time in which someone has likely failed to keep their New Year's resolutions! Yes, it may have been invented as a PR campaign for marketing holidays, but many people take it quite literally. 

So, what can you do to best combat the doom and gloom on this bluest of Mondays?

Be prepared for Blue Monday 

The La Española foodies are fantastic when it comes to preparation - meal preparation, that is! So much so that we wrote a whole blog post on the subject. But how can meal preparation help you this Blue Monday? (Aside from saving you money!)

There’s a lot to be said for being organised and cleverly investing your time in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to brightening your mood! Just picture it, knowing that you have a healthy, hearty, pre-prepared meal waiting for you at lunchtime or when you get home. Now that’s certainly something to look forward to!

Making a meal of Blue Monday

Hands up, who loves cooking?! For those of you with your oven gloves raised high into the air, perhaps the idea of pre-prepared meals means missing out on an opportunity to get your hands doughy. We know you’d rather be in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and cooking up delicious new dishes... why not turn Blue Monday into a cause for celebration? Really make a meal out of it! You can even invite your friends and family over and serve them up some delicious Spanish grub to brighten their Blue Mondays too. A tasty win-win for everyone! 

Don’t forget the essentials! La Española has an oil for almost every occasion, each with unique character and applications

Working out a way to beat Blue Monday

And we mean that literally - working out is definitely a great way to beat Blue Monday, helping to prevent or overcome the effects of low mood. This is because exercise increases your level of endorphins, which are natural mood improvers

So if you’re susceptible to the Blue Monday blues, find some time for a little run or some yoga and flood your body with feel-good endorphins. Even the smallest difference can often result in a great weight lifted! 

This Blue Monday, own the blue!

That’s right, take back the power and make Blue Monday your own. How do you do that? Wear blue socks! Choose the blue pen! Feast on a beautiful breakfast of blueberries! 

It’s proven that people feel better about their circumstances when they feel in control, and the more insignificant you make your version of Blue Monday, the less it will get you down. So, seize Blue Monday by the reins and rebrand it your way!

What will you be doing to beat back the Blue Monday blues?

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