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Oliography: Where does your olive oil come from?


Oliography is the olive oil traceability tool that affords total transparency.

At La Española, we recognise the importance of knowing the exact origins of the things you eat and drink. Tracing the journey of a product, and understanding the implications of its full journey, is
more important than ever before, especially to those of us who are conscious of our environmental and ethical impact in the world.

That’s exactly why we introduced a traceability tool called Oliography!

noun: traceability

‘the quality of having an origin or course of development that may be found or followed’

What is Oliography?

Oliography is the olive oil traceability tool that affords total transparency. It empowers every La Española customer with the ability to trace the entire journey of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle all the way back to its roots - literally! You can discover your olive oil’s individual story, step by step, from Spanish olive tree to your shopping basket.

As well as showing you exactly where your Extra Virgin Olive Oil has come from, Oliography will also provide an exclusive insight into our unique and carefully-crafted production process.

Ready to look up your bottle’s biography? Start here: Oliography

What can Oliography show me?

You’ll get a step-by-step account of the production of your individual bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; the different types of olives, the places they are grown, the harvesting dates and methods used, the bottling plants and the transport conditions.

All these elements and more come together to create an extraordinary journey for you to uncover.

Farming & Harvesting

Every olive used to craft our delicious olive oils was proudly nurtured in a Spanish olive grove. If you would like to learn exactly where and when the olives used to create your bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil were harvested from their tree, you can do so! With La Española’s Oliography tool, you can pinpoint the exact farm, and even the exact tree where your olives were grown and harvested!

The olives used to make your bottle of extra virgin olive oil come from a village called Fuente de Piedra in the province of Malaga, in Andalusia, Southern Spain. The estate where they were planted is called El Risquillo, and is located in zone 27, parcel 12.”

Pressing & Milling

At La Española, we take great pride in combining our traditional values with innovative processes so the very best experience is provided to everyone who uses our olive oils. Search the story behind your bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to find out how your olives were cleaned, washed, weighed and stored.

Bottling & Packing

This is the final stage in your olive oil’s journey before beginning its travels to the UK. Use our Oliography website to learn where and when your bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was bottled,
sealed, capped and labelled.

How do I use Oliography?

Simple! Each and every bottle of our beloved Extra Virgin Olive Oil is printed with a special ‘Lot’ number. This number can be found on any La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil label. When you have
found it, head over to and follow the instructions. You will be asked to input the number and…it’s as easy as that!

So, what are you waiting for - head over to the Oliography website and begin your journey of discovery today! If you haven’t already bought a bottle of La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil then next time you’re shopping, online or in-store, pop a bottle in your basket!

Need some help?

Let us know if you need help in finding where to buy our Spanish olive oils, or choosing the best product for you from our full range. You can also visit us on Facebook or Instagram where we’d be
happy to answer your questions and even happier to have you join our growing community.