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Spanish BBQ Essentials


Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a barbecue?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a barbecue? It only takes a single whiff of someone burning burgers in a not-so-distant garden to get the juices flowing. When we turn to see that tell-tale tower of sausage-fuelled smoke rising over the hedge, somewhere, deep within our subconscious mind, a decision is made: I am having a BBQ

Now, when you saw that this was La Española’s list of Spanish BBQ Essentials you may have expected some gentle teasing about British weather versus Spanish sunshine...but no! We’ve done our best to pull together everything you need to cook up an absolute storm, so to speak, without reference to the weather! 

So, with umbrellas at the ready, let’s take a look! 

Set the standard with Spanish chicken kebabs

It’s all about the marinade with chicken. Yes, as much as we love chicken’s natural umami taste, there’s a lot to be said for adding a saucy little something to really make your BBQ stand out.

Zesty lemon with smoky paprika, cumin and coriander. These are all key elements of Spanish cuisine and ideal for livening up your BBQ chicken kebabs. Make sure you save time by preparing your marinade the night before. Not only does this reduce the amount of work you have to do on BBQ day, it also gives all those mouth-watering flavours the chance to fully absorb into the meat! 

Need a recipe? As well as being a perfect place to top up your stocks of La Española olive oils, Tesco have a fantastic Spanish chicken skewer recipe that will be perfect for your BBQ. Bursting with flavour and gorgeous aromas, you can find it here

Become a skewers master with these 3 hacks!

  1. Prevent the contents of your skewer from slipping and spinning by doubling up! By using two skewers you make it much easier to manoeuvre your meat and veggies on the grill, and make it much harder for the food to flip around the wrong way! 
  2. If you’ve decided to use the traditional wooden skewers for your BBQ, we highly recommend soaking them in water first! This will prevent any burning or unnecessary charring of the skewers!
  3. Looking to really impress your guests? Substitute your wooden skewers for sprigs of rosemary! Not only will this add to the flavours, it’s totally Instagram-friendly! 

Slip an extra shrimp on the barbie?

More specifically Shrimp a la Plancha, or shrimp with garlic. Shrimp a la Plancha is a traditional Spanish tapa and a true favourite the world over. Perhaps not a typical addition to the British BBQ, but definitely one to turn some heads and take your outdoor dining to whole new heights. 

The infusion of olive oil with complementary garlic and smoked paprika adds perfect complexity to this delicious crustacean dish. Just make sure basket-loads of fresh bread are on hand so your guests can soak up every last drop of that gorgeous oil! 

Serving up sensational Spanish sides! 

  1. Ensaladilla Rusa - because no BBQ is complete without a side of potato salad! Check out our video recipe with Javier, Sous-Chef at Hispania London. 
  2. Gazpacho with grilled veggies - because Gazpacho is glorious under normal circumstances; giving it a little BBQ twist makes any exploration of Spanish cuisine that extra bit exciting! 
  3. Truffle Aioli - Aioli is a fundamental sauce in Spanish cuisine. Adding a hearty helping of La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavoured with White Truffle to the mix is a true BBQ gamechanger!

Save some room for the homemade ice cream!

Homemade, handmade, and honestly the best dessert we can imagine to round off a British BBQ in the sun. Need we say more?! What if we told you that we know a recipe for Andalucian Olive Oil and Orange Ice Cream

Olive oil ice cream may sound unusual, but the fruitiness of our La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil lends itself well to delicious desserts! It’s also the secret to the silky smooth texture of this zesty orange ice cream. Take a look at the Bidfood website for the recipe, or head straight to our own recipes for more info and ideas!