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Staying at home: Entertaining Your Family


Entertaining your family is getting more difficult? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Welcome to the third entry in La Española’s series for everyone staying at home, created to help you and your family find positive new routines for staying healthy and happy during the quarantine measures in place to battle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

So far we’ve looked at our top tips for working from home and staying fit and healthy in lockdown conditions. Now, let's take a look at something a lot of you have been asking about - how to entertain your family at home

Entertaining your family may have been easy to start with, but as the weeks go by there’s a good chance you’re starting to feel the strain - the little ones are getting bored, the bigger ones are getting restless, and you’re running out of ideas to keep everyone happy under one roof! But don’t worry, we’re here to help with five of La Española’s favourite suggestions for family fun, suitable for all ages! 

1) Tasty Treasure Hunting!

How would you feel if you were handed a list of clues? Confused? What if those clues that led you to secret locations around the house where tasty treats were hidden? That’s what we thought! It would certainly serve to brighten our day during lockdown!

And that’s exactly what we mean by a tasty Treasure Hunt! From sneaky sweets to healthy snacks, gather your goodies and hide them around the house for your family to find. It’s perfect for all ages, with a delicious payload for all to enjoy when you’re done.  

2) Do-It-Yourself Quiz!

Battle of the brains! Now’s the chance to prove once and for all who the smarty-pants are in your house! Challenge your family or housemates to come up with their own questions for set categories. We like to choose Nature, Sport, Entertainment, History and Food (of course!), but you can pick anything you want! How about a My Family theme with questions personalised to your own lives?

You can even get creative by introducing picture or music rounds. If you’re interested in learning some facts about olives and olive oil then browse La Española’s blogs, walk through our website, or contact our experts on Facebook and Instagram. We have lots of info you can use in your questions (even if some of it is slightly...false!).

3) The Blind-Tasting Test!

How confident are you in your taste buds? Think you can beat the rest of your household in ablind taste test? This is one of our favourite party games because it’s extremely easy to set up and involves tasting delicious foods! It’s guaranteed to deliver a double helping of fun! 

Simply prepare a selection of foods for members of your family to sample with their eyes shut or covered. Then see how many they can guess correctly! Some quick versions of the blind taste test involve guessing the flavours among a line-up of crisps. Bonus points if you roast your own crisps! If you do, then La Española Pure Olive Oil is the oil you need! 

4) Host your own Bake-Off!

Is anyone as obsessed with the Great British Bake Off as we are? Thought so. Well this one is going to go down fantastically with the foodies among you! Get your family or housemates to show their culinary competitiveness with your very own food challenge! On your marks, get set...bake!

From cookies to croissants to creamy cupcakes, roll up your sleeves and release your inner masterchef! As mentioned in a previous blog post, getting children involved with cooking is a great way to help them build positive relationships with food. If we had to recommend one cake combo, it simply has to be our delicious olive oil, almond and orange cake! See the recipe!

5) Check out #stayathomewithlaespañola

The Stay At Home With La Esañola website is a collection of colouring posters, tailored to support parents during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions. The pictures are free to download and designed to help educate your little ones on the importance of staying active, washing their hands, staying inside, and more. 

Head to the new website and choose from the range of fun posters to colour in with your kids to keep them entertained during self isolation! Once you’re done, you can upload them to Facebook and Instagram and tag us! Don’t forget to use our hashtag: #stayathomewithlaespañola

There’s even a poster letting you colour in your own bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gentle nod to La Española’s platform for creating completely customised olive oil gifts, La Española DIY!

6) Join us on social media 

Do you have any suggestions of your own for entertaining your family? Come join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram and have your say!