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La Española’s kitchen hacks to learn in 2020


We would like to share with you our best tips and tricks and kitchen ‘hacks’. Take a look!

Who’s been spending more time in the kitchen this year? 

The La Española team certainly has. In many ways it’s been an ideal time to explore new recipes and get more acquainted with our delicious range of Spanish olive oils! We’ve also been sharing our tips and tricks and kitchen ‘hacks’ with each other on our group calls, and thought it would be worthwhile sharing a few of our favourites with you! 

Peel better to feel better!

Imagine if you had the power to click your fingers and all your peeling prep would be done; piles of potatoes all peeled and ready to go! Well, we can’t promise superpowers but we can provide a super kitchen hack to cut down your peeling time

First score the skin of your potatoes with a sharp knife, drawing a full ring around them. Don’t go too deep though, just through the skin. Next, boil your potatoes with their skins on (this should also make them more flavoursome, too). Once ready boiled, drain the hot water and plunge your potatoes into cold water for a few seconds. At this point, you’ll see the splits where the knife scored the potato skin earlier start to expand. Give it some assistance and the skin should slip right off! 

What’s your next move? Are your potatoes on their way to the oven for roasting? Don’t forget that La Española Olive Oil is perfect for roasting due to it’s high smoking point and subtle character! 

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Be grateful for better butter! 

Most serious foodies face some struggle with butter at some point. Let’s face it, a lot of the time it’s left in the fridge, forgotten, until it’s needed for a recipe and then - you guessed it - it’s too hard. What’s a foodie to do in a hurry, microwave it?! Certainly not! Here’s a much better idea...

Plan to leave your butter in the fridge until it’s needed. When it comes to adding into your mix, take the chilled, hard block and grate it using a hand grater! Not only will the grated butter melt more quickly, it will melt more evenly, and without the nasty effects we see when trying to heat the butter in the microwave. This technique is also perfect for toast or sandwiches, providing a smooth and even spread which your butter knife will practically glide across.

Hold on a minute! If you want to go one step further towards crafty kitchen hacks, then why not substitute your butter entirely! Our light in colour olive oil is perfect for frying and baking. Come ask us on  Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to know more about the measurements to use in this healthy substitution!

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Is there mushroom for improvement?

If your goal in the kitchen is to produce the most professional meal possible then these top tips are sure to improve your mushroom game. From flavour to aesthetics, it’s often the little things that can make all the difference to a dish...

Before your mushrooms get close to your pans, take the time to do some tidying up. Trim away any loose edges that you think are going to look scraggly on someone’s plate. Then, to take it one step further, scrape away the darker frills from your mushrooms so that you’re left with only neat white sections. When you do come to place your mushrooms in the pan, resist the temptation to keep stirring and flipping. Mushrooms cook better when you leave them to rest. Until you try it you’ll have to trust us on this one - let your mushrooms linger for longer and you’ll be pleased you did! 

Looking for ways to make your mushroom dishes even more luxurious? This is where our Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White truffle comes to the rescue! It’s deep rich aromas and luxury taste is perfect for elevating something as simple as garlic mushrooms

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A savoury favourite for film night snacks!

Popcorn feeling a little plain? Tired of the same old salted flavour and looking for something savoury but extra special? Here’s a showstopping step that is sure to turn some heads...add soy sauce and olive oil to popcorn

Sure, it may sound a little strange. If you and your family are fans of savoury snacks then drizzling a delicious blend of soy sauce and high quality Extra Virgin olive oil over your popcorn can open up a whole new world of yummy umami flavour

And if you’re going to use olive oil, please ensure it’s a premium olive oil! La Española’s olive fruit juice is made exclusively from Spanish olives, is 100% natural and vegan, and proudly belongs to the highest quality category of olive oils.

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Do you have any kitchen hacks to share? 

Head over to our Facebook and Instagram to join the conversion, and for more fantastic foods, made for sharing.