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New Olive Oil Sprays from La Española


We are spraying ahead of the game with our new spray format olive oils!

Have you heard the news? La Española has introduced handy new spray format olive oils and, ironically, they’re making quite a splash! We’re very excited at the extra versatility that this will offer our foodie fans in the kitchen and can’t wait to see what you cook with them! 

Before your zip off to Tesco to pick up your spray bottles, we’d like to go into a little detail about why we think they are an awesome addition to the La Española range

Perfect portions 

Portion control has forever been an important part of maintaining a healthy diet, but it’s not always easy to know just how much is too much - especially when it comes to delicious dressings like olive oil. However, the new olive oil sprays from La Española address this issue head on, giving you the power of complete control over your portions. Each and every spray is perfectly controlled to give you a consistent, measured spray every single time (with less than 4 calories per spray). It’s time to take charge of your daily intake and kiss goodbye to guesswork! 

All-purpose spray

Ever wanted to seamlessly switch mid-meal prep between spraying, streaming and dripping your olive oil, and all at the touch of a button? Then we have three words for you: Triple. Action. Cap. Gone are the days of faffing around between different bottles, or having to bring in a brush just to ensure even distribution of oil on your dish. Thanks to the handy pressure-sensitive triple-action cap on our versatile spray bottles, you can now flit between applications without breaking your stride!

Complete convenience

That’s easy for you to ‘spray’...No, it really is! Our new spray bottles have been specially designed to be as ergonomic and intuitive as possible, making your time in the kitchen even more comfortable. It’s even great outside of the kitchen too, thanks to a new protective cap. Practical and portable (and perfect for picnics!) you can now enjoy La Española olive oils wherever you go! 

Hygienic and healthy 

As a sealed unit, the spray bottle is much more aseptic than some bottles, helping to minimise the amount of bacteria that may enter the bottle and contaminate your lovely olive oil. While bacterial contamination is not a common problem for La Española lovers (thanks to our signature pouring spouts), it is still reassuring to know that you and your family have an extra level of protection should you need it

Cost effective 

You can ‘spray’ that again! As well as controlling the oil flow for the perfect portion, the spray will also help maximise the uses you get from each bottle. This means your olive oils will last longer and go further. How much further? We counted for you, producing over 800 sprays per bottle

Environmentally sensitive 

As a climate-conscious company, La Española decided to avoid the use of aerosol gases for our spray bottle. It didn’t feel necessary, and didn’t fit with our values of supporting sustainability. As well as staying true to ourselves, the environmentally sensitive design also means you can purchase our spray bottles with peace of mind too! 

Get spraying!  

So far, La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil (perfect for dressings and dips) and La Española Pure Olive Oil (crafted for grilling and roasting) are both available in spray bottles, which should set you up for preparing a wide variety of recipes.

You can pick them up from Tesco or order them online here:

La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200ml
La Española Pure Olive Oil 200ml

As they’re a new addition to the La Española line-up, we would LOVE to get your feedback on how they are transforming your cooking. Please feel free to send your messages (and your pictures!) to us on Facebook or Instagram