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Things we learned about YOU in 2019-2020


La Española team has been keeping track of what you had to say about the nation’s favourite food and drinks.

Anyone who follows La Española on Facebook or Instagram will recognise our fan-favoured ‘food fight’ posts. These head-to-head popularity contests pitch the food world’s most delicious, delectable and desirable recipes and ingredients against each other in an attempt to separate the very best from all the rest.

The most exciting part? We place the power over which food wins in your hands!

Over the last few years, we’ve received and reviewed your responses on everything from pizza to pistachios. And because we take our food verrrry seriously here at La Española, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that when you cast your votes, we took notes!

That’s right, the La Española team has been keeping track of what you had to say about the nation’s favourite food and drinks. Join us as we take a look back at a few of our food fight highlights…as voted by you!

Carrot cake vs coffee cake

Who remembers our Coffee cake / Carrot cake food fight from April ‘19?

It was a tough one and divided opinion from the start – a true clash of confectionary goodness!

Some of you were certain of your choice, like Sharon, Stephen and Jacqui who were all about the coffee cake. Jacqui even shared her own recipe with us and we spoke about substituting butter when baking, suggesting instead our beautifully balanced Light in Colour Olive Oil (there were so many top tips shared that day!).

Others were undecided, or open-minded, or happy to have their foodie feet in both camps! In the end, a favourite cake emerged…

57.7% of you voted for Carrot cake!

(Perhaps next time we should throw our Almond, Olive Oil and Orange Cake into the mix!)

Savoury vs sweet

Later in 2019 we asked you to tell us if you were #TeamSavoury or #TeamSweet.

Picking a side is usually easy…when it comes to picking a side to go with your main meal at your favourite restaurant. However, picking a side in the battle between sweet and savoury left some of you seeking a third option. Lucie, Craig and Carina proudly pledged allegiance to #TeamBoth!

However, the majority of the comments supported the salty savoury side more than the sweet, with the final numbers following suit…

61.8% of you voted for Savoury!

How would you describe the flavour profile of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Sweet and fruity? Savoury and slightly peppery? Let us know! 

Avocado vs Cashew, Cashew vs Pistachio

Some foods seem so popular that we felt the need to include them more than once! Cashew nuts are one such example, having returned to the ring to battle both avocados and pistachios alike!

These three ingredients feature heavily in many modern diets and are a superb source of ‘good fat’just like La Española Olive Oils.

When we asked you to choose between cashew nuts and avocados, however, a clear winner emerged…

70% of you voted for Cashews!

But choosing a favourite isn’t always an easy task. In fact, our food fight between pistachios and cashews resulted in a straight tie, 50-50! We can only assume that this means cashew nuts and pistachios are equally awesome!

Battle of the berries

In May ‘20, we asked you all to cast your votes on which berry is the ultimate berry, between some of the juiciest candidates we could think of – strawberries and raspberries in the red corner, and blueberries and blackberries in the blue! A four-way food fight…how things change!

It was fantastic to hear how you fit your favourite berries into your breakfasts and homecooked puddings! And with healthy wholesome diets incorporating a balanced bunch of all four berries, it was refreshing to see so many finding it hard to pick out just one favourite!

Even still, the numbers show a particular berry taking a ‘berry’ big lead to finish in first place…

6.3% of you voted for Blackberries
8.7% of you voted for Blueberries
21.8% of you voted for Raspberries
63.2% of you voted for Strawberries

One last percentage…

If there’s one key takeaway we’ve learned over the last few years of reading your answers, counting your votes and chatting in the comments, it’s that the La Española UK Facebook or Instagram communities are an amazing bunch. And that’s down to you!

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing recipes, sharing stories and sharing an honest passion for all things food. You have been there all along, answering our questions and taking part in our food fights, and we can honestly say it wouldn’t be the same without you. So, here’s one last percentage to report….

100% of you are incredible!

See you over on Facebook or Instagram for more of the same! Hasta luego!