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Staying at home: Staying Connected during UK lockdown


Families and friends all around the world are spending less time together. We’ll be looking at ways that you can stay connected during UK lockdown.

The single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives. 

In following this guidance from the British government, families and friends all around the world are spending less time together and are having to find new ways to stay connected with one another. And it’s this connectedness that will make isolation a little less isolating. So how have people been managing if without delicious dinner parties or visiting grandma for a cuppa? 

In this fourth part of our Staying at Home series, we’ll be looking at exactly that; ways that you can stay connected during UK lockdown. (Stick around to the end to see our quickfire list of recommended activities!) If you enjoyed our other posts about entertaining young children, keeping fit and healthy and working from home, then this will be right up your street!

1) ‘Appy memories! 

Looking for some face-to-face action with your family and friends? Well, there’s an app for that. Actually, there’s quite a few. It’s never been easier to make video calls and get your daily dose of family and friends, virtually, in the comfort of your own home.

Apps like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp, are readily available and super easy to operate - which comes in especially handy in helping grandma get to grips with the new technology! Let’s not underestimate the power of seeing a friendly face when it comes to conquering loneliness during this challenging time. 

2) Pick up the phone!

It's so easy to make a phone call these days that you can do it without moving your hands. Yet somehow, it’s often the last thing we think to do. After all, sending a text is much easier, isn’t it? Well, few people would disagree that there’s better human interaction in a phone call than a text message, and in the current climate it's better human interaction that will see us through. 

Here’s an idea… Pick up your phone, open your call log and start scrolling. Yup, keep going! Scroll back to the earliest entries. As you pass by the familiar names and numbers among the taxis and takeaways, ask yourself why this person isn’t nearer the top? How long has it been since you spoke to them? How are they getting on right now? And what would happen if you hit that call button? 

TOP TIP: Before you say your byes and hang up, make sure you arrange your next call! It’ll give you a date in the diary that you both can look forward to and will help structure your connectedness with family and friends! 

3) Socially Distanced Walking!

For those of you lucky enough to live local to your family and friends, take advantage of your daily exercise by planning to cross paths or with a shared walk. As long as you are adhering to the government guidelines then it’s perfectly safe to meet up with your nearest and dearest. 

You could plan your route to swing by your elderly relatives house and chat to them from the garden gate, or meet a friend in the park during a lunch break. Just remember that there’s no coming within 2 metres. Time to perfect your long distance high fives? 

4) Ideas to bring us together

As promised, we’re dedicating the last section of today’s blog post to our most recommended activities. We’ve already looked at how to stay in contact with your family and friends, now let's take a look at some of the things you can get up to when you do!  

Book clubs: Take a leaf out of our book and use this time to share your reading with others. There’s no time like the present to discuss the depths of your favourite fantasy or be introduced to your friend’s newest novel. 

Recipe inspiration: We all know that being stuck in the house all day has led to some awesome exploration in the kitchen. We’ve seen some of the dishes you’ve made and they look incredible! Make this the topic of your interaction and stay connected to your network through a shared love of food! We’ve got some great Spanish recipes if you need a little inspiration! 

Virtual Pubs: Missing your mates? If you’re the types who would normally be down the pub on the weekend then why not host your very own virtual pub? Link up all your buddies in a single video call and pour yourself a cold one! Just remember, in lockdown conditions it’s BYOB!

Blind dates: Your friends are pretty good judges of character (they’re friends with you, right?). So how about they set you up with a blind date with one of their own friends you don’t know or don’t know well! This doesn’t have to be romantic, it’s more about getting to know people who you wouldn’t normally get to chat to

TV and Film: Similarly to book clubs, you could sync up your TV time with family and friends. This nod to the good ol’ days when everyone watched their series at the same speed, long before boxset binging was even a thing! 

Quizmaster: Inject a little entertainment into your joint calls with some interactive quizzing! The questions could be anything, from geography to victorian root vegetable trivia! 

After work socials: Popping to the local after work is not really feasible when everyone is working from home. However, you could invite your colleagues for a cocktail via video after your remote working day ends. Who doesn’t love a quick quarantini in order to unwind after a hard day’s work?

Memories: Make a list of all your close friends and family members. Now think back on a special moment you shared together. Even better, think about the memories that make you both laugh the most! Now, call them up and remind them of it - then challenge them to do the same to their friends!

Did you like our ideas? Do you have any of your own? We’d love to hear how you have been staying connected to family and friends while staying at home. Come join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram and have your say!