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Oranges and Spanish Olive Oil are perfect partners


Oranges and Olive Oil are three 'O’s that were clearly destined to be together. 

We’ve spoken a lot about perfect pairings in the past. We’ve even explored the stranger side of the culinary cupboard, bringing together unlikely ingredients with fantastically unexpected results. But one classic combo we don’t believe has enjoyed enough time in the spotlight is that of orange and olive oil

Now, you already know that La Española is a company with roots running deep in Spanish culture. Our heritage stretches way back to 1840 making us the oldest olive oil company in Spain. So, when we talk about olives, we mean the very finest olives, harvested using traditional methods from groves all across España. And when we talk about oranges, we’re leaning heavily - but not exclusively! - towards fruit from the abundance of Spanish orchards that decorate the country's landscape. 

A match made in Spain

While the ‘Seville’ orange may have more of a reputation, the region that produces the most oranges in Spain is Valencia, to the point that the region has been given the name ‘The Orchard of Spain’. Oranges grown here are sweeter and are cultivated in well-irrigated groves near the coast. If you ever visit in summer, you’ll find it hard to ignore the delightful smell of orange blossom in the air. 

By latest reckoning, Valencian farms account for around 75% of Spain’s oranges and mandarins. With the remainder contributed from Andalusia, Catalonia, and Murcia, the country produced more than 3.7 million tonnes in the 2018-19 growing season. Upwards of 1.25 million tonnes of these were exported, to a value of well over €1 billion. With these numbers in mind, it is easy to see how Spain is the fifth-biggest producer and exporter in the world, representing over 25% of the global market.

When it comes to olives, Spain knows a thing or two about this fruit too. In fact, Spain accounts for a vast amount of global olive oil production. And in 2018, of the 3.12 million tonnes of olive oil produced around the world, Spain contributed 1.79 million, which accounts for over 57% of the total global production of olive oil. 

Olive Oil and Orange together

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the sweetness and bitterness and sourness and saltiness and….overall deliciousness of olive oil and orange, is to try one of our recipes! We have four main standout dishes that are guaranteed to change anyone’s perspective on olive oil-orange combinations! 

Pan fried seabass with orange and olive salad

Pescatarians, this one's for you! Discover this sumptuous sea bass, pan fried and bursting with citrus goodness, bringing with it a mouthwatering amount of umami and signature olive oil mouthfeel. Expect a citric seafood experience with our pan fried seabass with orange and olive salad - what more do we need to say! 

Discover the recipe: Pan fried seabass with orange and olive salad

Blood Orange and olive oil sorbet

With the main sorted, we’re onto something sweeter - and oh, boy, does this deliver sweet! Level up your citrus hit with a beautifully fancy blood orange, then take your savoury satisfaction to new heights with our La Española Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Honestly, this olive oil sorbet will become one of your favourite recipes - it’s already an absolute Summer standard for the La Española team! 

Discover the recipe: Blood Orange and olive oil sorbet

Olive oil and orange ice cream

Sorbet not your thing? Don’t worry - orange and olive oil is extremely versatile. Olive oil ice cream may sound unusual, but the fruitiness of our flagship La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil lends itself well to delicious desserts! It’s also the secret to the silky smooth texture of this zesty orange ice cream – you’ll savour every spoonful!

Discover the recipe: Olive oil and orange ice cream

Olive oil, almond and orange cake

Sweet and sticky caramelised oranges bring a rich, sharp-citrus edge to this crowd-pleaser of a cake. Using La Española Light in Colour Olive Oil as an substitute for butter keeps the cake deliciously moist yet light and fluffy – you’ll struggle to stop at one slice! 

Discover the recipe: Olive oil, almond and orange cake

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