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4 homemade Halloween snacks that are 100% treat


Here’s La Española’s list of the top Halloween homemade treats

Halloween is here again and we’re helping you make this year into a spook-tacular treat for you and your family!

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween as much as you used to, it’s still the perfect time to enjoy the variety of foodie treats that surface at this time of year. 

And we don’t just mean eating them! Making your own treats at home is a big part of the fun! From experimenting with playful flavours to having fun with spooky decorations, there are many reasons to get involved when it comes to homemade Halloween treats.

So, here’s La Española’s list of the top Halloween homemade treats. Some are good for your health, others are good for your soul, but ALL of them are too good to miss! 


Have you tried frozen banana ghosts? They’re a frighteningly easy way to get your little ones to eat one of their 5-a-day. They’re also super easy to make which means the whole family can get involved

Simply peel a banana, cut it in half and push a lolly stick part way into each section. Next, coat your banana ghost in melted white chocolate (you can add desiccated coconut for extra texture) and pop in the freezer. When they’re good and solid, take them out to decorate with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. 

Why not see which of your family can create the scariest ghost! Feel free to share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram - we’d love to see your halloween treats


Deep fried snakes! Severed fingers! Crunchy rib cages! There are so many creepy creations could you make from this classic Spanish street food to give it a Halloween makeover. And let's face it, who doesn’t love an excuse for churros! 

One of our favourite churros recipes came from Jelena Fairweather of @into.trends on Instagram, created as part of La Española’s recent Street Food campaign. Check out the recipe here

Psst! If you like this recipe, you should check out the other collaborations. There’s a whole range of recipes you can make from home - all deliciously simple, and all simply delicious! 

Here you go: 

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 

We couldn’t make a list of Halloween treats without a mention of pumpkins! The iconic orange squash has become something of a symbol, a poster-food for all things Halloween. 

It’s the seeds we are interested in here because they’re truly delicious when roasted. Simply season them with your choice of spices, coat in a healthy amount of olive oil, and roast them in the oven until brown and crispy! We’d recommend La Española Pure Olive Oil for this job, an olive oil crafted especially for roasting. 

Wait, are pumpkin seeds good for you though? 

Hell yeah! Pumpkin seeds also bring a whole bunch of benefits to your body. Quite like high quality olive oils, pumpkin seeds are a source of ‘good fat’ and come packed wonderfully-full of the vital nutrients and antioxidants that promote healthy living. They’re an incredible source of magnesium and zinc. 

Pumpkin seed and chocolate cookies 

Speaking of pumpkin seeds, how about turning chocolate chip cookies into something a little more interesting and healthy! Can you imagine going another Halloween and not trying these delicious that’s a truly scary thought! 

Check out this recipe for Pumpkin Seed and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Top Tip! Use quality ingredients. It’s no good using a delicious pour of premium ‘good-fat’ olive oil if you’re mixing it with inferior chocolate containing ‘bad fats’. Choose a quality bar of chocolate over premade chocolate chips - look for something around 70% dark!

Also, do you remember what we posted on Instagram and Facebook during British Baking Week? La Española Light in Colour olive oil is an ideal substitute for butter in baking. From cakes to cookies, use Light In Colour for a smoother, richer, and healthier finish to your baked halloween treats

A dead good idea! 

You know we love seeing your recipes and all the creative ways you use La Española Olive oil. Join us on Facebook or Instagram where you can share your ideas and pictures with our foodie community. We’ll be waiting!