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The ABCs of Olive Oil: I to P


Discovering the story of olive oil is as simple as A-B-C! 

That’s right, part two is here! We’re so sorry to keep you waiting, but we really wanted to make sure this installment of our A-to-Z of olive oil was as fun and fantastically fact-packed as the previous one!  

In case you missed it, we are on a mission to bring you an entire alphabet of tips, treats and trivia, all somewhat related to our favourite topic of olive oil. Starting at the beginning with Andalucía, our last blog brought us right up to the letter H with Hair Masks (it’s a thing). 

Are you ready? Of course you are...let’s go! 

I is for Ibérico ham

We’re guessing you’ve heard of Ibérico ham, or Jamón ibérico as we call it in Spain, but other than the name, how much do you know about this mouthwatering meat? Well, we can tell you a bit more about that name - it’s actually legally protected and can only be used to describe ham that has been cured for at least two years and produced from black Iberian pigs from certain parts of Spain or Portugal. 

The best Ibérico ham is jamón ibérico de bellota or jamón ibérico de Montanera. This difference is that the ham comes from free range pigs that live free in oak forests and feed on natural food like acorns. It’s this all-natural diet that gives the meat such a distinctive premium taste. 

We love using Ibérico ham alongside eggs in salmorejo, a Spanish cold soup or dip. Salmorejo is the perfect dish for hot summer days!

J is for Junk Food

Let’s not pretend otherwise, junk foods can be delicious and nobody is expected to follow a perfect diet 100% of the time. Sometimes, junk food is just what the doctor ordered....and they are experts on health! 

But we’ve all heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’, right? So, if you’re looking for new ways to help limit your lockdown binges, or to build up your resilience in the face of friday night feasts, we may have the solution hidden in an old blog post...and the answer might not be what you think it is. Take a look here at the power of smell

K is for Kids

Every child seems to sit somewhere between ‘fussy’ eater and ‘messy’ eater when it comes to their meals and, while it may be hard work for the parents, it’s the interaction with food today that will pave the way for their child’s relationship with food tomorrow. That’s why we shared a few critical tricks for setting your kids up for fruitful futures in our article on How to help kids build positive relationships with food

Remember the first instalment of our series where we mentioned colour? Brightening up mealtimes is a proven pathway to engaging children as they eat! 

L is for Light in Colour 

Okay, what is the purpose of Light in Colour Olive Oil? To put it plainly, Light in Colour olive oil are oils that have been refined to have a lighter colour and a lighter flavour. With a premium quality light in colour olive oil, the aromas and taste are much more delicate, making them less pungent and bitter than other oils. They’re silky smooth, subtle and fruity, bringing bags of character to your food without stealing the show.

The other benefit to lighter oils is the smoking point, set much higher than the likes of extra virgin olive oil. This means you can rely on the lighter refined olive oil for frying, grilling and even baking. Explore La Española Light in Colour Olive Oil here.

Got your La Española Light in Colour and can’t wait to put it to use? 
Take a look at our recipes for inspiration! 

M is for Myths

The myths we mention are nothing like those romanticised Greek myths you learned in school; these are the ones that spread misinformation and foster mistrust…

“Fats are bad for you!”
Olive oil is bad for your skin!
“Olive harvesting kills millions of birds each year!”
You should never cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil!”

In the age of fake news and shock media, it’s likely that you’ve come across at least one of these olive oil un-truths. As champions of all things olive, we took it upon ourselves to bust these myths wide open. Check out our blog post and help us put these naughty myths to bed without any dinner! 

N is for NO! 

No additives. No preservatives. No colouring. No nonsense.

For anyone who needs a reason why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is regarded as being one of the most healthy foods on the planet, there’s four of them. 100% pure, 100% vegan, 100% natural, this golden fruit juice has been linked to more medical benefits than we can list here. Add into the mix olive oil’s gorgeous flavour and the near-mesmerising versatility, and it’s easy to understand why we’re so passionate about it. 

Can we think of any food we love more than Spanish-grown olives from our farms in Seville, pressed into pure olive oil and drizzled generously over our dish of the day? No. 

O is for Oliography

At La Española, we recognise the importance of knowing the exact origins of the things you eat and drink. Tracing the total journey of a product is more important than ever before, especially to those of us who are environmentally-minded and conscious of their ethical impact in the world. That’s exactly why we introduced a traceability tool called Oliography!

Oliography is the online olive oil traceability tool that affords total transparency. It empowers every La Española customer with the ability to trace the entire journey of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle all the way back to its roots by identifying the unique batch number on the bottle. From farming and harvesting, pressing and milling, bottling and packing - all these elements and more come together to create an extraordinary journey for you to uncover.

Got a bottle of La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil to hand? Head over to and follow the instructions to start your journey! 

P is for Pets 

Can you give Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your pets? As we’ve said (okay, shouted!) many times before, the short answer is YES

As animal lovers, we naturally want the very best for the pets we welcome into our homes, ensuring that they are as happy and healthy as they can be. The food you give your pets will influence their future health, happiness, energy levels and maybe even their vet bills. 

From silky soft skin and fur to healthy hearts, a good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil could make the world of difference to how your pets look and feel

Interested in learning more? 
Check out our detailed review of olive oils and the diet of dogs

P is also for Paella!

We tried to resist! We tried to choose a P-word that was less obvious and, to be honest, we thought we did pretty well with pets! However, we simply cannot pass on by without an honourable mention to the mighty paella.

To be continued...

Do you think you can finish the list before we do? 

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