Beauty tips

More than just a pretty taste! Learn how adding La Española Olive Oils to your beauty routine can unlock your natural beauty!

Green olive

Hydrating hair masks

Revitalise dry and damaged hair with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil hair mask. As a natural moisturiser, olive oil is perfect for locking moisture into your locks, leaving your hair smooth, glossy, full-bodied and frizz-free.

Two green olives in an olive branch
Green olive and two leaves

Silky soft skin

Exfoliate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to reveal your skin's natural radiance. Olive oil helps skin retain water during exfoliation without clogging your pores, meaning reduced wrinkles and a smoother, more natural complexion.

Two green olives in a branch

Long-lasting moisture

Powerful antioxidants within Extra Virgin Olive Oil stimulate skin for a smoother yet firmer finish. The long-lasting moisture protection afforded by olive oil keeps your skin looking healthier for longer so you can keep looking your best.


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